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Process of illustration in 3 basic steps

Ollo lovely people,

Recently I've been working on improving my skills with character development and I was thinking it would be fun to create this process in 3 basic steps from rough sketch to final illustration.

*Step 1 - sketching:

In my opinion this is the most important part. Think of it as a solid foundation from which you build on. In this stage you have more freedom and your inspiration is constantly shaping until you are satisfied. From there you can go to the next step.

**Step 2 - picking color scheme:

With this step I'm searching for the right flat colors to fill and define how I want my illustration to look and feel. Is it going to be warm or cold and what kind of emotion do I want to achieve in the eye of a viewer.

***Step 3 - shading, lighting and adding details:

You want to bring life in your illustration and make it more appealing. With shadows and lights you can make atmosphere and dynamic to your illustrations. With adding some details  you are creating a story and closer description of your character.

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