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How to overcome your block or deal with anxiety in the age of COVID-19


Ollo dear humans,

When I scroll on my phone, I often see the most common topic among creative people and come to the question: How do you deal with art block?

It seems that now when we have this situation with COVID-19, the scary enemy, our anxiety becomes our best friend and not in a good way.

So, how can we survive this situation?

There is no correct answer because we are all individuals, and we all have different armor to defend our fortress. But the worst thing we can do is lock ourselves and not dealing with our emotions.

So embrace your inner strength and think of all stuff that calms you and brings you joy.

It's okay if one day that is simply staying all day in bed and tomorrow working on your big project or dancing naked (just kidding, or not 💃) but find things that will keep you moving.

Thanks to our tech, these days, we have a chance to hang out through social media, so create karaoke night, talk to each other, and inspire to create whatever that may be!

If you are stuck with your work and don't feel like creating something on your own, you can always study drawing and painting or participate in the art challenge.

Or, if you are a writer and can't write your story, you can journal or find a few keywords or themes for short stories.

I found out that I would love to do so so so many things that I usually don't have time to do, so it would be a shame not to use this opportunity. But then again, some days watching Harry Potter, all parts are more attractive 😊. Take your time and be kind to yourself, and your creativity will knock on your door. 💪

Also, I made this free printable if you are a geek who loves to plan everything in advance so feel free to download it. 🤓

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